Vacancy for a Works Council Officer (ambtelijk secretaris) – 20/24 hours per week – Infinitas Technology – ingevuld

Who or what is Infinitas Technology?

Infinitas Technology (the technology and product development arm of Infinitas Learning) are passionate about understanding and transforming the way people learn. They create educational solutions that touch the lives of everyone around us – both personally and professionally.

For everyone who discovers. For everyone who grows. For everyone who performs and challenges themselves. For your smallest dreams and your biggest ambitions. Learning will take you further. From your first day at school to the next step in your career. Infinitas is there for you and everyone who learns.

What do you do?

As an Works Council Support Officer (20 – 24 hrs/week) at Infinitas Technology you are responsible for performing work in secretarial, organizational and (limited) policy areas, in such a way that the Works Council, within the indicated frameworks, is optimally supported.

Responsibilities include:

  • Conceives and edits certain documentation and reporting of work council meetings and committee meeting in Dutch and English.
  • Ensures correct and timely documentation and reporting of works council meetings and committee meetings;
  • Draws up the draft agendas, provides (written) explanations of the topics to be dealt with where necessary;
  • Takes minutes of meetings and distributes the reports and minutes;
  • Monitors agreements made, decision lists and points of attention;
  • Manages and maintains the paper and digital archives of the Works Council and its committees accessible and collects, provides information and maintains the documentation;
  • Conceives and disseminates the annual report or the session report;
  • Records the meeting planning and the subject planning and determines the priorities.
  • Organizes works council meetings, consultation meetings and committee meetings;
  • Prepares and participates in the formation and education of the members of the Works Council;
  • Provides information to new works council members, including the introduction;
  • Monitors the substantive coordination between works council and committees and is (if necessary) a member of one or more committees;
  • Organizes and coordinates elections and election campaigns;
  • Acts as secretary of the Election Commission.
  • Monitors compliance with the laws, in particular the Works Councils Act, procedures and agreements regarding employee participation;
  • Contributes to the realization of the PR policy of the Works Council and monitors the implementation (including member of the Publicity Committee and updating the Work Council intranet site);
  • Takes care of the creation of various informative and formal documents including:
  • Preparing and conceiving the opinions, consent cases to be issued by the Works Council and drawing up checklists based on advice and (implementation) decisions;
  • Making proposals regarding the works council work plan, work plans committees and topics to be dealt with;
  • Collects and distributes relevant information on the development of participation.

Job requirements

Who are you?

While we don’t like creating a detailed set of criteria that then filters out some potentially great candidates, it is important you have an idea of the type of thing we will be looking for after you apply – so please take these as a guide, but if you are uncertain please don’t let it stop you applying!

  • (Legal)Bachelor thinking and working level (legally focused)
  • Experience as works council support officer
  • Experience with employee participation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and able to communicate in Dutch as well as English
  • You are solution focused, flexible and able to work under pressure
  • You are good in planning and organizing


The meetings are on Thursdays in the morning mostly and online.

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